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Low Code Development: A More Simplified Way of App Building

With the world fast pacing towards smarter solutions for time and labour intensive problems, the world of programming and coding has also evolved. Long gone...

What OS is best for Data Science and Machine Learning? Linux or Windows?

So, you are a fresh data scientist and dipping your toes on machine learning libraries like tensor flow or PyTorch. You are full of...

7 Ways to Prevent Your Car Fleet from Being Hacked

Car-hacking is becoming more common worldwide. Attackers take advantage of digital technologies as an integral part of cars to exploit and steal vehicles or...

Cybersecurity: Tips for Students to Use the Internet Responsibly

Following the alarming pandemic, schooling now encourages the use of digital tools to boost students' engagement in their education. However, the use of these...

Top 5 Java Errors with Solutions

A beginner in any domain is prone to making mistakes, and a lot of mistakes. But if you’re gutsy enough to learn to program,...

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