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A web browser smart? It is Min

For many people, browsing the Internet is a way of getting distracted and for others it is a way of working, therefore they need a program according to the particular needs of each person, in this sense, the field of web browsers seems to be dominated by the three “big ones”: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer/Microsoft Edge, but there are always mature alternatives to them like Opera, Safari or Vivaldi, each one with its advantages and disadvantages.

Now everything must be “smart”

We live full of advertising that drives us to buy, buy and buy even more, and in the technology sector if the word smart doesn’t come up, then we practically throw it away.

Min is an open source web browser that defines itself as intelligent and minimalist, whose goal is to be fast and efficient to improve the browsing experience.

1.-Min website
1.-Min website

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With Min, there are no tabs or buttons, this web browser takes simplicity to its maximum limit, also standing out for being energy efficient and that is something that users with laptops will appreciate due to the small screens.

The term Intelligent is because its search bar is capable of giving simple answers when entering a term and doing calculations, so it saves time when searching for a small word.

It includes features such as:

  • Information from DuckDuckGo in the search bar.
  • Built-in ad and tracker blocking
  • Fuzzy search
  • Full-text search for visited pages
  • Dark theme
  • PDF Viewer
  • Creation of tabs and tasks
  • Easy bookmark management
  • Reading control
  • Support for style scripts
  • HTML5 support on YouTube

As an open-source project we can access the source code, and if we know how to develop it we can provide code or simply revise it. We can see the source code on your GitHub site.

However it lacks extensions and the possibilities they offer us, but it is a great alternative if we only want to be on the web.

Installing Min in Debian, Ubuntu and derivatives

To install it on Debian, Ubuntu and its derivatives, we must download the precompiled package from its GitHub website, here.

2.- Min github page
2.- Min github page

And in it we download the.deb package of 32bits or 64bits according to the type of operating system we have installed.

Once downloaded, we must install it via terminal with the command:

sudo dpkg -i file_path.deb

In my case, I downloaded it and put it in my home directory.

          sudo dpkg -i min_1.7.1_amd64.deb

4.- Installing Min
3.- Installing Min

First contacts with the browser

5.- Using Min
4.- Using Min

The first thing we can notice is that effectively, the interface is very clean, but even for me, who have a too slow internet connection, you can notice that the loading speed of the browser is very good.

In this screenshot, we can notice the reason for the term “smart”, by placing Google on the address bar, we can immediately find a definition of it using information from Wikipedia.

5.- Min Smart
5.- Min Smart

As a conclusion we can say that the web browser market is dominated by the big three but there is always room for innovative projects that come to bring significant things to us users.

Of these projects, Min is a very interesting one, combining simplicity, efficiency and minimalism we find an “intelligent” and modern browser.

Feel free to share this article through your social networks and friends. Maybe some of you will find it useful. And don’t stop reading to us.

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  1. Will you ever include this browser in the Ubuntu / Mint software packages? I have literally tried ALL of the internet browsers I have found in the software managers of Xubuntu, Mint and Manjaro and this is the only browser that has everything I’ve wanted: speed, security and simplicity. I am trying desperately to run away from the money-hungry corporations (google, microsoft, firefox, adober, etc.) cause they are doing nasty stuff to their users (spying, ads bombarding, etc.) and I’m tired being their personal ATM without seeing a measly cent in return. And your browser seems to meet my requirements exactly 🙂


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