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Centos7 and 8 uses docker-compose to install zabbix

Build and run a zabbix system through docker's basic operation command, which involves zabbix-server, zabbix-web-Nginx-mysq, and mysql container. Operation up relatively tedious, and every...

How to install Zabbix server on CentOS 8 / RHEL 8 / Oracle Linux 8 ?

Knowing what is happening in a network is the most frequent work of computer experts in any company. In this way, you get reliable...

Install Zabbix on Debian 10

As we already know Debian 10 is an operating system used on servers. These servers are capable of hosting very important applications for a...

How to install Zabbix server 4 on CentOS 7?

The monitoring of a series of services is something fundamental for an organization. That's why there are many stellar applications that help us with...

Zabbix: a network monitor. Installation in Ubuntu Server 18.04

System and server administrators need to have professional software installed, in order to be able to monitor what is happening on them or their...

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