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Shared Folder

How to index the search in Windows 10

Hello! Windows 10 incorporates an advanced index system. Indeed, it significantly improves the searches. In addition, it works as a database that stores the...

How to view shared folders in Windows Server 2019/2016

Hello! Windows Server users need to manage objects and users. In fact, this system is designed to manage roles and services. In that sense,...

How to enable the file server in Windows Server 2019

Hello, in this opportunity, we are going to talk a little about Windows Server 2019. Specifically about the file server and how to enable...

Mapping Drives with Group Policy Preferences and Item-Level Targeting

Mapping a drive means that you want permanent access to a shared folder created on another computer. Windows OS will assign a drive letter to the network drive and it can be accessed just like any other local drive connected to your computer.

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