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linux command

The Linux tail command

Hey, buddy. This time we will explain in detail the Linux tail command. Quite used by many sysadmin. One of the most feared tools for...

The wget command

Downloading files from the Internet is something quite common and normal in the daily use of a computer. People who use their computer in...

The Linux systemctl command

In many of our tutorials we have to manage services but what are these services? How are they handled? Well, basically they can be...

The Linux uptime command

The Linux terminal is one of the most versatile tools in the operating system. Many professionals use it every day to manage servers or...

Run Command as Other Users on Linux

In Linux, there are a number of situations where running a certain command as another user is necessary. It’s especially true in the professional/enterprise...

lsof Command on Linux

Linux is one of the most powerful platforms that offer the utmost control over your system. It comes up with a number of pre-installed...

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