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How to install R programming on Ubuntu 20.04 /18.04?

Programming is an elementary part of computer science. It creates applications that solve some daily problems. You can make applications of all kinds and...

How to install Rust Programming Language on OpenSUSE 15.2?

Learning programming languages is a good option to find a good job. Above all, if you dedicate yourself to this. Because for no one...

The Windows 10 translator is a great tool

Hello! Without a doubt, everything related to languages is fundamental on a personal and professional level. Moreover, this has been enhanced with the use...

How to install the V programming Language on Ubuntu 20.04 / Debian 10?

Last year we talked about the V programming language. Now that it is in a more mature phase of development, we will teach you...

How to install Python 3 in Windows 10?

Hello! In this opportunity, we will talk about Python 3 and how to install it in Windows 10. It is about a multi-paradigm, general-purpose,...

Install GO language on CentOS 7

Many people are passionate about programming and use Linux as a learning platform for it. In addition, Linux being a free system lends itself...

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