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How to install MyWebSQL on CentOS 7?

yu<?2.In this article, I will show you how to install MyWebSQL on CentOS 7. The tutorial is simple to do, but first I'll tell...

Making a Mysql database backup with Mysqldump

A database is an elementary apart in the management of information within a company and is a vital component in information systems. Therefore, it...

How to install ArangoDB on Debian 9?

We have already talked about Debian on several occasions on this site, it is well known that is a stable, robust and almost infallible...

How to create a cluster with MariaDB Galera on Ubuntu 18.04?

The data that makes sense of the information must be safeguarded by system administrators around the world. Information management cannot be conceived without high...

How to install PostgreSql on Ubuntu18.04

Install and Use PostgreSQL on Ubuntu 18.04 Database management systems are the major components for websites and almost every application uses database to store their...

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