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How to install Icinga 2 and Icinga 2 web on CentOS 7?

Icinga is an open source enterprise monitoring system that monitors networks and any significant network resources, notifies the user of errors, recoveries and...

How to install Django Framework on CentOS 7?

In a world where the premise is that time is money, you need tools that allow you to develop applications or faster. The Frameworks...

CentOS 7 v1804 Released

CentOS is one of the major Linux distros for the server & cloud platform. You’ve heard about RHEL, right? CentOS is the free &...

Install LAMP in CentOS 7 and RHEL7

Let's keep it easy. Linux is one of the best OS for building a server. To build a small Linux web server, you need the...

The best Linux servers of my Hosting

The open-source nature of Linux implies that there exists an absolute amazing choice of various circulations, every one composed in view of a marginally...

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