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Sunday, January 24, 2021
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How to Install OpenNMS on Centos / RHEL 8.

What is OpenNMS? OpenNMS is a free & open source highly configurable, scaleable, extensible and cross-platform network Monitoring and network management platform. It is built...

How to Install Icinga 2 on Centos / RHEL 8

What is Icinga 2? It is a network monitoring tool that helps you to monitor your network status. Icinga gets data and after various performance...

How to Setup Icinga 2 Web interface on Centos / RHEL 8.

Prerequisites: Web ServerPHP 5.6.0 and above with cURL, gettext,intl,mbstring,OpenSSL, and XML support.LDAP libray(PHP) or Active Directory Authentication.PHP libraries for MySQL or PostgreSQL Installing PHP...

How to Install Cacti on Centos / RHEL 8

What is Cacti?  Cacti is an open source monitoring tool which covers network as well as graphing.  It was designed to provide an easy...

How to Install ELK Stack on Centos 8?

What is ELK?  ELK is the group of three open source projects in Linux.  Elastic Search, Logstash and Kibana respectively. Before going into depth...

Input Output Redirection in Linux/Unix with Examples

Introduction to Redirection Redirection is the process of changing the input or output of commands given for execution in Linux/Unix. By redirection, you are going...
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