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How to install Docker CE on CentOS 7?

Probably if you are one of those who recounts the internet and the world of applications and servers, you have probably heard or read...

How to setup a mail server on Ubuntu 18.04?

The email did not need too much presentation as we all sent and received one. There are companies that provide us with the Email...

How to install ownCloud in CentOS 7?

It is becoming more and more common to read and hear about security breaches from companies that handle vital user information on the Internet,...

How to install Nextcloud in Ubuntu 18.04?

While it is true that there are many services dedicated to data storage, it is also true that many individuals and small businesses prefer...

How to install Jenkins in Ubuntu 18.04?

Continuous integration is a software development practice where team members integrate their work frequently (at least once a day, although multiple daily integrations are...

How to install freeIPA on CentOS 7?

FreeIPA is an integrated security information management solution combining Linux (Fedora), 389 Directory Server, MIT Kerberos, NTP, DNS, Dogtag (Certificate System). It consists of...

How to install Mesa 18.1.1 in Ubuntu 18.04?

Mesa3D is an open source graphic library, maintained by freedesktop.org. is also where the X.org and Wayland graphics servers are hosted. Mesa3D provides generic...

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