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• How to Install Ubuntu Alongside With Windows 10

Now complete guide of how to install ubuntu 19 in windows 10 is as follows Before starting your...

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How to install the Owncloud desktop client Ubuntu 20.04?

In this post, You will learn how to install the Owncloud desktop client on Ubuntu 20.04. Many users and...

How to finish a task and force to close a program in Windows 10

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How to install Android on a USB key

Hi! Android is a very versatile mobile operating system because it is based on Linux kernel and other open-source software, it can...

Microsoft releases emergency update.

Security is one of the fundamental issues for Microsoft in Windows 10. In fact, since it was launched, the company has changed...

How to remove Windows 10 network credentials

Hi! Every time you access a website using Windows 10, a lot happens. In fact, the system will store the credentials to...
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